The Curtain Rod Shop


Curtain Rods and Important Components of a Great Room

All great rooms have much more than only one component in creating its appeal. Everything from the carpet, to the wall décor, to the material making up the furniture plays a part in creating the final “package”. As the room is an expression of the taste of the person who owns it, there is no detail that’s too small to embellish upon. The curtain rod is one of the small details that can easily contribute to a room’s full appeal. There are myriad options in materials to choose for your curtain rods, and each of them carries a certain, unique tone. At The Curtain Rod Shop, you will find the curtain rod that speaks to you. 


The Curtain Rod Shop contains rods in every material such as granite, crystal, wood, and much more. For the decorator that likes the appeal of a clean chrome finish, a stainless curtain rod may be just the ticket. For a timeless and hardy appeal, the element-style drapery hardware is available in a plethora of different tones.

The Full Catalog

The Curtain Rod Shop is stocked with far more than only curtain rods. Every decorative detail and accessory pertaining to the curtain rod is fully accounted for in the complete catalog. You could shop for drapery hardware, wooden tiebacks, and even sample sets of select finishes. The Curtain Rod Shop represents a healthy number of reputable curtain rob distributing brands as well, including but not limited to Charleston, Finesse, Gould, Helser, Iron Art, Brimar, Brilliance, Jackie, and many others. Whether you’re looking for  a style of curtain rod featuring clean lines or rustic craftsmanship, there is something to meet every need.


Simple Tips to Make a Room Feel Bigger

People are often searching for ways to make a room feel bigger. Emphasizing smaller furnishings and minimizing clutter are great solutions for broadening a room’s feel, but curtains and window treatments are perhaps the most effective way to create the impression of a larger space. Between easy-to-achieve expert placement, smart material choices, and stunning hardware and accessories, you too can create the sense of spacious ambiance in even your smallest room.

Choose the Smartest Style:

Long, sheer curtains help create the most depth within a small space. Offering rooms sizeable quantities of light and air, sheer curtains often give even the tiniest room a feeling of breadth and space. Bringing large quantities of light into smaller spaces provides the illusion of space, which is critical in expanding a small room’s feel.



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Accessories are Key:

Decorative hardware that incorporates texture and material can greatly enhance a space. Interesting finishes like antique gold and walnut draw the eyes upward thus, helping to expand even the tiniest of rooms. Ornamental trimmings like tassels and pleated trims offer stunning points of interest that move attentions away from a room’s size. Curtain rings in coordinating colors and attractive finials offer new points of interest, which again detract from a space’s size.

Placement Secrets:

One of the most significant ways to create depth and space in a small room is to hang draperies high and place curtain rods above the top edge of a window’s frame. Highly hung draperies make a room feel bigger by adding the impression of height.

These simple tips ensure that you can still create an atmosphere of space and complexity. By utilizing smart styles, decorative hardware, and strategic placement, you can turn your cramped space into one that rivals even the largest mansion ballrooms.